Throughout my career, I’ve been lucky enough to have had the chance to explore both creative and technical realms, drawing from a mixture of professional experiences, and developing a broad knowledge of different production fields ranging from music to theatre, from cinema to television.

In particular, broadcasting has allowed me to consolidate my growth both as a Sound Designer and as an Audio Engineer. I’ve been able to amass comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of audio production and post-production, as the details below explain.

Both my teaching work and my participation in national and international research groups have brought me into contact with professionals of the highest level.

Here are some of the most relevant working experiences.

Sound Supervisor

Supervision of the audio post-production area at Fox Int. Channel, Italy, the television company that produces and broadcasts many themed channels via the platform Sky. Its channels include Fox, FoxCrime, FoxLife, FX, Cult, The National Geographic Channel, History.

Sound Designer and Music Composer

Composition and sound post-production of audiovisual content including films, documentaries, TV ident, commercials and promos

Dolby Multichannel Audio 5.1 Engineer, Dolby Approved Trainer

Authoring Dolby for content involving surround 5.1 audio

Professional audio courses Trainer

Delivering technical training courses specialized in professional audio production

Audio Consultant

Designing courses on audio post-production
Consultancy work for the Broadcasting Department at Sky Italia, especially providing technical support in defining the specifications and settings of audio broadcasting and production equipment.

Professional membership and International works

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